You need a coach and here is why

By Robert Ressl-Moyer

Training plans are accessable anywhere at anytime. For free or at little cost. Why bother on spending money on a coach?


Accountability is one of the most important reasons to hire a coach or a trainer. Many trainees are enthusiastic when choosing an event to train for. But besides a very small group of incredible dedicated individuals life happens. And it will get in your way. And it will effect your training. And sooner than later you drop out. A coach needs to be flexible and make changes to prepare you as best as possible even though things are not going perfect. There might be compromises at times but overall it is important to keep you moving forward. Because consistency is key.


A Coach and trainer challenges you and helps you grow as an athlete and as a person. Coaching is a very intimate relationship. Your coach knows your flows, your strength and your areas of improvement. Some people love running on flats, others love hills, some participate in rigorous cross training activities, others would never even look at a weight. Your coach or trainer will identify your blind spots and create your individual schedule. It will challenge you. Challenges create change. Change is improvement.

Goal Orientation

Different goals need different methods. Your individual schedule will reflect that. Your coach will have the big picture in mind while having you work on different aspects during each mesocycle. Your individual periodization will keep you motivated, less injury prone and constantly challenging you to become a better, stronger and healthier athlete.


A coach puts things with you into perspective. Extrinsic goals sometimes are too ambitious or not ambitious enough to reveal your true potential. By focusing on developing you as an athlete you might surprise yourself in the end with the outcome. Your coach helps you to set competitive, but reasonable goals which keep you motivated.

Robert Ressl-Moyer is a running coach at ReMo-Fitness and leads our Strength and Conditioning for Runners classes at DAI Endurance.