“Weaknesses? Pie, reading fine print, and turning a bike fast around u-turns.”

Dai Endurance’s athlete of the week is Colleen Wanty!  Colleen is focusing her efforts towards this years Cyclocross Nationals in December. Here’s some info on her…

Q. What do you do in real life?

A. Mom, wife, part time marketeer, mtb coach.

Q. What are your weaknesses?

A. Pie, reading fine print, procrastinating, my genetics, and turning a bike fast around u-turns.

Q. Why are you training?

A. I am targeting masters cyclocross nationals in December and I want to be effective and efficient with my training time.

Q. Do you partake in any Dai Endurance Classes/Training/Fitting?

A. Julie Young is doing a daily training plan and I will get a bike fit.

Q. Favorite piece of technology for training?

A. I really like my powertap. It is great for feedback on your pedal stroke, how it feels to make a stronger circle. It is also a lot more specific for intervals vs using heart rate.  Now that I am using power to train I can see how it quickly lets you know if you are hitting the right zones, vs how heart rate can be so variable based upon altitude, heat, etc…I am also a fan of strava, garmin and training peaks.

Q. If you could spend 10 days anywhere, where would it be?

A. Doing an backcountry mtb or gravel 10 day ride/camping trip with my family.

Q. Do you have a pre-ride/run food you like to have?

A. Oatmeal, blueberries, shredded coconut, pecans, flax, chia, and nut milk with maple syrup.  Green veggie shake.

Q. What is your favorite food to eat post training?

A. I try to eat veganish, but sometimes I really just want a steak!

Q. Do you enjoy coffee/espresso or tea? What’s your preferred brand?

A. I have a latte every morning.  2 shots of espresso.  Kicking Horse

Q. Why do you train with Dai Endurance?

A. First, because I am a masters athlete, my margin for error is smaller. I have to be really disciplined about they type of training I do, when I do it, how much rest I get, what I eat, etc…It is very helpful to have someone in your corner to help keep you on track.  Second, I am looking for expert advice. I have trained myself for years and it is so hard to keep up with all of the latest thinking on training, and I want people who love to train and keep up with all of the latest thinking.  Last, I need an impartial coach.  It is hard to train yourself when you are injured, sick or have life events that interrupt training. It is nice to have some impartial advice on how to navigate the challenges that come with being a lifestyle athlete.