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At Dai! Endurance we understand endurance athletes, we are endurance athletes.

We also understand there is an overwhelming amount of conflicting and confusing information regarding training and fitness. We help filter this information and provide an effective and efficient training plan that fits within the confines of your busy life. We understand the techniques needed to coach and train individuals who utilize modes of endurance to achieve their fitness. We understand that when it comes to training for endurance, it’s very easy to get caught up in an endless cycle of biking, running, and other “chronic repetitive motion” activities, while neglecting the stuff that actually keeps our bodies able to do what we love. We understand that balance is key to endurance training. From our experience as elite world-class athletes as well as coaches, we realize that endurance training needs to be comprehensive with science-based activation, mobility and stability work taking equal billing with sport specific workouts.


Who better knows how to advise an athlete than a world-class athlete.

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Individualized approach

Dai Endurance prioritizes an individualized approach and personal athlete-coach relationship. Following an initial meeting to discuss your current fitness, past training and future goals, we design and develop a tailored program to maximize your training investment. Training is developed based on your individual schedule, adaptation, recovery and goals.

Consistent athlete-coach interaction is vital to developing an effective training plan and helping you successful reach your fitness and performance goals. We will help you understand the “why” of training and how it relates to your goals. This understanding provides purposeful and effective training, helping you to gain optimal benefit from every minute of every workout.

The final ingredient to improve fitness and achieve your goals is consistently, sticking with it – this is a partnership and we are here to provide motivation and accountability.

We have three levels of customized training plans to best meet your goals – Forza, Medio, and Piccolo, as well as A La Carte options.


We have three levels of customized training plans to best meet your goals – Forza, Medio, and Piccolo, as well as A La Carte options.

The goal of our Forza plan is to train athletes dedicated to reaching their competitive potential.  The plan focuses on sport specific training utilizing data from the individual’s physiological testing and is based on the individual’s schedule, competitive goals and adaptation to training load.

  • Individual consultation and review of previous training
  • Program developed weekly, based on individual’s progress and adaptation to training load
  • Coach developed training posted weekly on TrainingPeaks
  • Specific workouts prescribed utilizing individual’s heart rate and/or power meter zones
  • Training modifications x one per week, or four per month
  • Coach contact weekly via phone x one per week
  • Communication by email and text unlimited
  • Tactical advice and race prep
  • Mobility and stability exercises individualized, based on individual’s Functional Movement Screen (FMS) result
  • Movement preparation and trunk stability workouts individualized, based on individual’s FMS results
  • Access to Dai Endurance instructional exercise video library
  • Nutritional guidance
  • One hour of individual on or off-bike training every four weeks, additional individual training sessions, $25/h
  • 24 week commitment required, billed monthly

Cost: $295/month.
Multi-sport: add $50/month
All programs include $75 start-up fee.


Getting Started:

Determine the plan which best suits your goals – if you are unsure, please contact us for a free coaching consultation.  Then, to get started, please fill out out new client questionnaire here and we will be in touch.

Please also fill out and return the Coaching Agreement - Monthly Plans, Release and Waiver, and the Dai Membership Agreement forms below.

We look forward to working with you!



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