Sacramento Cyclo-Cross Series Training… Giddy Up


At Dai Endurance, we understand endurance athletes, we are endurance athletes.


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These science-based plans developed by Julie Young, help those with demanding lives maximize training time. At Dai, we know as elite athletes and coaches its more than just riding more, it’s a balanced comprehensive approach that includes off-bike stability and mobility, and efficient and effective structured on-bike workouts.

What You Get

  • Daily workout delivered on TrainingPeaks. available via email or on the app
  • Initial 20-minute consult with Julie, to provide an overview of the training plan objectives and address specific questions.
  • Includes access to weekly cx skills/workouts with Mike Sayers
  • Plan duration 7.30.18-12.16.18
  • Cost for the comprehensive 20-week plan – $495
  • Or if you prefer a more individualized approach, tailored to your unique life demands and individual adaptation, check out our three levels of training plans at, we will offer 15% off monthly plans with proof of registration in the Sacramento Cyclo-Cross Series, valid through December 31

This 20-week training plan is designed for the busy individual with finite training time, and who has developed a base of endurance, riding approximately 10 hours per week. This plan will help fine-tune fitness for the specific demands of the Sacramento Cyclo-Cross Series.

The plan will build over a three-week period with the fourth week focused on rest and active recovery. Each week will include suggested off-bike, stability and mobility work as well as structured on-bike workouts. Generally, the plan will include three structured workouts, two endurance days, one day dedicated to stability-mobility (shorter stability-mobility sessions sprinkled in to the week) and one complete rest day.

Mid-week workouts will be kept to 1.5-2h of total work (including off-bike and on-bike work) with Saturday’s workout approximately two hours, and Sunday’s endurance ride will range from 2hours building to 3 hours.

The training scheduled will be altered once we enter in to the race season, to insure proper taper for and rest/recovery from the intense race effort.

In the first week of training, a field test will be scheduled to accurately determine individual training zones. Once the test has been completed the threshold heart rate and/or power will be entered in to the excel sheet located on this page. That excel sheet will calculate the training zones as noted in training.

Training Zones Calculator
Training plan description codes
Warm-up = W/U
Workout = W/O
Slow Endurance = SE
Long Endurance = LE
Medium Endurance = ME
Sub-Threshold = ST
Lactate Threshold = LT
Vo2 Max = Vo2
Anaerobic Capacity = AC
Neuromuscular = NM