Our all-inclusive memberships provide athletes with an integrated and comprehensive approach to training – the most effective and efficient method to improve fitness and performance. Memberships provide athletes with the tools to maximize their training investment. From our experience at elite international athletes and coaches, we know you need to do more than just ride or run to tap your full athletic potential. Our membership packages support this philosophy and include – indoor Wahoo KickR classes; Redcord stability and Foundation mobility classes; a science-based systematic training plan that provides quality intensity and quality rest; a bike fit or gait analysis to ensure sound mechanics; as well as yoga to facilitate recovery.

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Indoor Power Training Classes featuring Wahoo

Get Ready for the Ride of Your Life!

As the only endurance training lab offering the revolutionary Wahoo Smart Bike Trainer, Dai is proud to bring this fitness-changing system to you. Training for your next big race or wanting to beat the rider next to you on your Sunday ride – Wahoo’s your ride.

These classes are group classes but individually tailored to your specific power curve using your own bike. Utilized by the defending Tour de France Team Sky, the science behind the Wahoo trainer provides realistic ride feel and power accuracy. Leave your Wahoo class better prepared for your next challenge.

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Outdoor Virtual Group Rides

In addition to running individual, power-based cycling classes, we offer Zwift group rides and the ability to participate in other Zwift virtual group ride activities. So come join the Zwift nation and ride, virtually, over courses from around the globe with the global Zwift community.

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Endurance-Focused Mobility & Stability Classes utilizing Redcord

Don’t just hang out…work the hang!

Redcord’s zero gravity suspension system creates fun and challenging exercises for sports performance enhancement and return to sport rehabilitation. Performing precise movement patterns in unsteady ropes is the foundation of suspension exercise. By leveraging your own body weight as the resistance, you can do hundreds of movements (bridge, plank, squat, pull up, etc.) from just one single device. Each exercise demands total body awareness and accurate neuromuscular control to help you build a lasting core foundation and a stable body in less time than conventional training methods.

The Redcord system is a tried and true training methodology used by the BMC Racing Team and Axeon Pro Cycling Team. Cadel Evans used it to win his Tour de France and Greg Van Avermaet used it to dominated the Spring Classics.

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Foundations Training Method — Healing your Pain, Discovering Your Potential

The key to your future athleticism!

Discover Foundation Training’s simple, proven method using the untapped power in your own body to heal your pain in minutes a day at any age or fitness level. Get ready to live with a stronger, more pain-free body than you ever imagined so that you feel happy, rested, strong and ready to tackle anything your day throws your way.

Many athletes have grown up with the philosophy of no pain, no gain – but it’s what leads to major career-ending injuries, often with lifelong consequences.

Pain is NOT something to be ignored, lived with or just for ‘weak’ people. It is your body’s natural warning system trying to get you to stop movements that are causing problems inside your body. Listen carefully to what your body’s telling you.

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Yoga for Endurance Athletes

More than a simple Asana!

The ancient poses that are part of yoga bring the athlete the balance, flexibility and soothing return. A perfect juxtaposition to your other work at Dai.

But this isn’t any other yoga. It is yoga focused on the hyper-athletic physical body.

It is yoga that pushes the participant’s muscles to release and reengage at a different level. It is yoga that imbues the participant with an unmatched mental gift.

Knowing that one can be still while tackling the critical foundations within their body.

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Bike Fitting

The bike and its rider should be one!

Remember your first Schwinn, it fit you perfectly and off you rode. As a competitive rider as well as a weekend warrior, it isn’t that simple any more. With certifications from Specialized and Medicine of Cycling, our system starts with an interview to understand the rider; his or her goals, current training, pain or discomfort on the bike as well as past injuries or trauma. This data, along with a twenty-point physical assessment to understand how the rider physically presents off the bike is used to fit the bike to the individual. While cycling is low impact, the rider is locked at the foot and hip making repetitive movements over extended periods of time, and if not positioned correctly, this can lead to over-use injuries and jeopardize power output. Our team understands that frame size, saddle position, handlebar and cleat positioning are critical components to successful cycling. Our bike fit ensures that your childhood Schwinn experience lives on through your 20s, into your 60s and beyond. For more information and costs click here.

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Gait Analysis

We help runners run better!

Let us help you run more efficiently, improve your stride and prevent future injury. At Dai, we help you understand the entire bio-mechanical puzzle that is your body. Your feet are only a small part of the whole-body activity that is running. Each client is analyzed statically, dynamically and finally running on a treadmill. Our analysis provides a unique, personal movement map of you. We utilize motion capture to pinpoint weak links in strength and movement patterns, which inhibit performance or lead to injury, and provide activation, mobility, stability, flexibility, and functional strength strategies to improve these weaknesses. The analysis of all these different elements taken together is what creates a complete picture of your gait. More than a gait analysis, it is movement analysis. Defining corrections to your map is our next step through coaching and training. Click here for more details and costs.

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Return to Sport Training

Dai Endurance’s return to sport program is based largely on the six month fellowship we invested with Dr. Chris Powers* at his USC-affiliated Movement Performance Institute**, as well as well as mentorships at EXOS, formerly Athletes’ Performance. Return to sport training is typically performed following the conclusion of formal physical therapy rehabilitation. This training helps you gain the necessary conditioning (activation, strength, movement re-education) to bridge the gap from where physical therapy ends to where you functionally need to be to return safely and successfully to sport. The goal of the training is to ensure that you are prepared for the demands of athletic competition and to minimize the risk of re-injury. Click here for more details and costs.

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Injury Prevention Training

Dai Endurance’s injury prevention training program is based largely on the six month fellowship we invested with Dr. Chris Powers* at his USC-affiliated Movement Performance Institute**, as well as well as mentorships at EXOS, formerly Athletes’ Performance. Injury Prevention training follows a similar protocol to that established for return to sport. This proactive approach trains your ability to effectively and efficiently activate and recruit the right muscle at the right time, during the demands of sport. This training can be conducted individually or in sport-specific small group training sessions. For more information and costs click here.

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Dai Endurance massage therapist, William Meyers specializes in sports massage and deep tissue therapies. Every session is tailored to the specific needs of the client whether it be pre- or post-event sports massage, relieving chronic muscle tension and pain, or rehabilitation from injury. Read more about Will here.

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Training and Coaching for Endurance Athletes

Sharing our wisdom, one client at a time!

At Dai’s we understand endurance athletes, we are endurance athletes.

We also understand there is an overwhelming amount of conflicting and confusing information regarding training and fitness. We help filter this information and provide an effective and efficient training plan that fits within the confines of your busy life. We understand the techniques needed to coach and train individuals who utilize modes of endurance to achieve their fitness. We understand that when it comes to training for endurance, it’s very easy to get caught up in an endless cycle of biking, running, and other “chronic repetitive motion” activities, while neglecting the stuff that actually keeps our bodies able to do what we love. We understand that balance is key to endurance training. From our experience as elite world-class athletes as well as coaches, we realize that endurance training needs to be comprehensive with science-based activation, mobility and stability work taking equal billing with sport specific workouts.

Who better knows how to advise an athlete than a world-class athlete. Read more about our coaches here.

We have three levels of customized training plans to best meet your goals – Forza, Medio, and Piccolo, as well as A La Carte options. Find out more information on our training plan offerings, and how to get started with us here.