Mr.Hughes is really enjoying the process and he is Dai’s November Featured Athlete

Mr.Hughes is really enjoying the process and he is Dai’s November Featured Athlete

Dai Endurance athlete of the week is…. John Hughes!!

Q. What do you do in real life?

A. I own a small company called H & H Wine Brokerage, that’s primary objective is to find wine (called “bulk wine” in the industry) for new and existing wine brands. I sell wine by the tanker load.

Q. What are your weaknesses?

A. Stamina over the course of a race.

Q. Why are you training?

A. To be the best 51-year-old athlete I can be.

Q. Do you partake in any Dai Endurance Classes/Training/Fitting?

A. I’m lucky enough to have Mike Sayer as my coach to help me with my cycling goals.

Q. Favorite piece of technology for training?

A. Power meter.

Q. If you could spend 10 days anywhere, where would it be?

A. I either like it warm and on the ocean…or on a snowy mountain skiing…good riding is also key!

Q. Do you have a pre-ride/run food you like to have?

A. Pancakes!

Q. What is your favorite food to eat post training?

A. I usually make a fruit shake with lots of spinach, banana, almond milk, and yogurt. Pizza if it’s post race!

Q. Do you enjoy coffee/espresso or tea? What’s your preferred brand?

A. I enjoy one very important morning cup of coffee a day. I have been drinking Pete’s Major Dickenson’s for decades, but if I’m visiting Dai Endurance in Sacramento I drink Temple Coffee…support those who support the sport 😉

Q. Why do you train with Dai Endurance?

A. I’ve watched Michael Sayers career as a professional racer for decades and know he knows what it takes to be a “racer”. I have also watched Julie Young and what she’s done in her professional career and with her athletes at the Sacramento CX series. Caroline Nolan is on fire this year! Together with the work Dai Endurance does with the Kaiser Permanente sports medicine department, it really made me feel like the fit for me. I’m really enjoying the process!!