Julie Young’s O2fitness – Truckee Women’s Trail Running Group

Training Program Details

  • Complete 8-week comprehensive daily training program coupled with weekly group training
  • Starts June 4
  • Twice weekly group workouts (Mondays 6:30-7:30am;/Sundays 9am)
  • $147 program fee by May 28  -increases to $177 after June1
  • Minimum fitness requirement: must be able to run 5 miles
  • Training group open to all –who want a science-based, structured, comprehensive training plan, supported by group workouts

Training Program Participants Receive

  • Daily science-based, systematic progressive training program based on heart rate zones written by Julie Young** delivered via Training Peaks web-based coaching software
  • Expert coaching and support
  • Monday coached workouts, meet at various Truckee area trails and include – gait technique/drills; speed to improve economy of movement; ascending and descending technique/skills; workouts to improve specific running power and strength; tempo and sub lactate threshold intervals
  • Sunday un-coached group run–  endurance/base training – route determined by the coach, consistent with training plan volume progression
  • 15% discount on Silver Sage Sports Performance services for the duration of the program – including Lactate Threshold and Vo2 tests, and  Dartfish video gait analysis
  • Post- program participants eligible for 10% discount on individualized coaching and training plans
  • E-mail support –  individual questions regarding training and running related issues
  • Meet new training partners
  • Two organized running workouts per week – Mondays and Sundays
  • Specific strength and core program designed to improve running efficiency

Contact Julie Young at jyoung@o2fitness.net for further information and to register, or visit www.o2fitness.net

**Julie Young is the Head Coach of O2fitness and Director of Silver Sage Sports Performance Center; former 12-year US National Cycling and World Championship Team member; multiple winner of Tahoe Rim Trail 50K, Lake of the Sky and Golden Hills trail marathons.