Jason Sets New Personal Record at Leadville MTB100

Just two weeks after one of the biggest mountain bike races of the year, we were able to hear from Jason Sala. He’s a local in the Reno, NV area and no stranger to mountain biking.  Jason’s been a client of Dai Endurance since our early beginnings. He keeps fit but using his time wisely and capitalizing on his training plan efforts. In 2017 Jason finished the Leadville MTB100 with a  time of  9:17:08. He went on to set a personal record this year with a finishing time of 8:23:36 and finishing 105th overall which was better than his previous year’s 283 place.

2018 FINISH TIME   8:23:36 Ranking OVERALL 105/ 1538 MALE 102/ 1396 MALE (40-49) 36/ 577

2017 FINISH TIME 9:17:08 Ranking OVERALL 283/ 1483 MALE 271/ 1344 MALE (40-49) 103/ 549

Did you have a training plan by Dai Endurance just for the race? No the training plan was for my “A” race the Park City point to point.  I raced the Lost and Found in June and the Tahoe Trail 100 in July.  From this race my number was drawn for a lottery spot into Leadville MTB 100 and since I was in shape it seemed like this year was a good one to accept with the race three weeks later.

I have been a client since the fall of 2016.  I took some time off in the early fall of 2017 and then picked it back up in Late fall of 2017.

Did you like your training plan for the Leadville MTB100? I loved my training plan for everything bicycle related because I am in shape for everything life throws at me.  My non-training life is busy.  My wife and I have 3 kids, a daughter who is 10 and identical twin boys who are 9.  My wife is the PFA president, she teaches spin and is the director of our house.  I have a business (dentistry) that employees 60 and I travel to coach other dentist in all aspects of their practices.  This year along I’ve been to Sydney Australia, Atlanta Ga., and Phoenix Az.  Time is very precious and this training maximized every minute for me.  In my training I did not have time for the long endurance rides and Julie was able to make adjustments in my training to have me ready for the races.  My longest rides were the races one at 65 miles and one at 62 miles.  In both of these I set PRs and felt strong during the entire ride.  Focused training is better than just miles or time on a bike.


Did you feel that you were equipped with proper training for the event?  Going into the Leadville MTB100 I was feeling strong, rested and well prepared.  I was also a nervous as I would have to go roughly 38 miles farther than any other ride leading up to the race and I would be at 10,000+ feet elevation.  As the day proved I was in great shape, strong from start through the finish, and ecstatic with my outcome an 8:23 finish time which was 52 minutes better than last year and another PR!


How ready did you feel leading into the week before of the event?  I had completed the body of work for training and was cautiously optimistic about my goal of a sub 9 hour finish.  Once in Leadville it was all about developing a confident mind and sticking to the game plan of the splits I knew needed to be made in order to get the large buckle.


How did you feel about the outcome?  Finishing the race with our three kids running with me was a great moment and I was overcome with joy and the sense of pride that happens after completing a race of this caliber and reaching the goal.  10 months of training paid off!  All of the early morning trunk stability or hip mobility workouts culminated in a really emotional moment shared with my family and friends.  This was a true team effort, from my wife and family, to my coach and race crew everyone helped me get across the finish line.  I’ve been riding a high ever since.


I was also lucky enough to follow Julie up St. Kevin’s and down the entire power-line descent.  This was truly a highlight of my time cycling and something I will cherish.  At the end of the decent when I was ready to settle in, she coached me to catch a group of riders I thought were beyond my ability.  With a tremendous effort I was able to catch this group of 11 riders and hang on for the entire pavement section.  The speed I was able to gain from being in this group was something I had never known prior and I am grateful for this push.  It was a real difference for me and has made me realize that I have gained some elite level fitness.  Thank you DAI!

What would you do more or less of while training for this event?  I think the balance of training for me was just right.  I really appreciated the structure of the workouts and the duration.  I was a better rider because of the efforts of my coach.  I could not imagine trying to do one of these races and not having a coach.  I have a coach in all aspects of my life and every one of them finds a way to get me to be my best.  On August 11th I was the best I could be thanks to the coaching and guidance of Julie Young.  It was my best day on a bike!  Thank you.

Anything you’d like us to do better?  No way.

The community in Leadville was the best!  I cannot put into words how cool it was to be welcomed into your camp.  To meet Keegan and Landon was special.  To give High Fives to Andy in all the locations he showed up and to finish with a smile is something I will Cherish until my grave.  This year my one-word focus was CHERISH.  I cherish my wife, my kids, my parents, my brother, my friends, my effort, my dedication, my experiences, my mistakes, my shortcomings, my failures, my attitude, my discipline, my happiness, my business, my coaches, my DAI!  Cherish is what 2018 is all about!  Thank you for the guidance and support.  I would not attempt it any other way!!!!

We want to thank Jason for his continuous support & congratulate him on his success!