“I had to ride 83 miles on a broken rear spoke.”

After completing the legendary Leadville 100 Mile Mountain Bike Race we talked with Keegan about what he enjoyed at the event as well as his coaching leading up to it. Keegan drove his RV out to Colorado to truly enjoy the festivities. A group of our awesome mountain bikers camped out for a week leading into the event to fully acclimate to the elevation as well as ride the local single track.

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Out on a training ride before Leadville

Did you have a training plan by Dai Endurance just for the race? Yes

Sitting by the camp fire every night

Did you like your training plan for the Leadville MTB100? Yes

Did you feel that you were equipped with proper training for the event?  Honestly, I went into this event unsure how prepared I was going to be. I have never raced this long, and with an injury just 4 weeks prior to the event, I had significant concerns with how prepared I was going to be.  Julie really helped talk me through this and told me to trust the training.  My Tahoe Trail time for 2018 was almost identical to 2017, so I was also concerned I had not improved much over the last year.  However, during the entire Leadville race, I felt better than I expected and finished with a good time, well under my goal.

Keegan taking in the views on a scouting ride

How ready did you feel leading into the week before of the event?

Answered with some above, but I will elaborate on the week before the event.  I had the incredible opportunity to get out to Leadville almost 2 weeks ahead of time, and had an absolute blast.  It was relaxing, refreshing, and inspiring.  Julie camped with my wife and me, and we had a great time hanging out and meeting other riders.

Keegan & Coach Julie after completing the Leadville MTB100

How did you feel about the outcome?  Very pleased with my overall outcome and glad I exceeded my goals.  I also had a mechanical during the race, which forced me to alter my riding style.  I broke a rear spoke at mile 20 and had to take corners slower and descend slower than normal for fear of exacerbating my issue.  My goal was to finish, and I didn’t have a spare rear wheel, so I had to ride 83 miles with a broken rear spoke.  With my training hiccup just 4 weeks prior to the race and then my broken spoke, I think I could have broken 8:30, but who knows…

Power Couple!

What would you do more or less of while training for this event?  I would do more really long hill climbs, at a steep gradient; more long rides (greater than 4-5 hours); SFRs; and then all of the above on the same ride?  Training and living and elevation would also be amazing, but not currently in the cards.

Anything you’d like us to do better?  Maybe a race team? Or, more organized rides? Those are hard though with mixed levels.

Landon, Julie, & Keegan with their Leadville big belt buckles