Gait Analysis

 Our gait analysis will benefit walkers, hikers and runners. Following an interview, strength and flexibility assessment, and a video capture session on the treadmill, we use SIMI Motion Capture software to analyze your gait. This comprehensive analysis captures video from the sagittal and posterior views. We identify key moments in the gait and analyze hip and knee flexion/extension, torso angle, pelvic stability, hip adduction, knee valgus/varus, and foot inversion/eversion.

Our gait analysis system helps uncover specific strength deficits and movement impairments that are causing pain, and/or have the potential to lead to injury and inhibit performance. Once identified, we provide strategies to address these underlying issues, while changing as little as possible with the individual’s gait. The analysis includes a detailed report with images and written summary. Our analysis also includes science-derived activation, stability-mobility and strength exercises to help ensure successful return to sport, injury prevention, and/or improved performance.

  • Analysis is effective for return to running, walking or team sport play
  • Analysis is effective for injury prevention, as well as improved efficiency and performance
  • Key gait phases captured and analyzed with SIMI Motion Capture video analysis
  • Learn proper body and joint position to optimize power and efficiency while reducing ground forces
  • Identify individual muscular weakness and biomechanical break-down that are causing pain or potentially leading to injury
  • Address identified issues with individualized specific strength, neuromuscular activation and movement strategies (developed at EXOS and USC-MPI)
  • Report provided with images of analyzed key positions – comments/issues, suggested solutions and strategies for improvement of these issues
  • Analysis performed by Julie Young, Movement Performance Institute  (MPI) Specialist

Cost: $250


  • Advanced Functional Biomechanics of the Lower Quarter: Integration of Technology into Practice, Movement Performance Institute
  • EXOS Performance Training Mentorship