Functional Strength Snow Sports Conditioning Camp

Program Details

  • Training sessions will take place outside (indoors depending on weather) using body weight, gravity and movement – the most natural and efficient way to build functional strength, agility, balance and power
  • Sample structured workout – movement preparation; glute activation; single leg, pevlis and hip stability; plyometric circuits threaded together  with light aerobic activity; trunk stability circuits
  • Camp objectives – develop injury preventative muscular strength and endurance; institute efficient movement patterns; train trunk stability through movement; improve hip and pelvic stability; develop explosive strength and power
    • The group setting provides a dynamic challenging atmosphere – pushing participants beyond their self-imposed limits
    • Have fun jumping around in the woods with friends – new and old


Where: Rotating between Truckee area parks

When: Tuesdays 4:00-5:30 pm, September 25-October 30

Cost: $146 per participant for each 6 week session

Join Coach Julie Young, a former U.S. National Cycling and Seven Time World Championship Team member and  Rossignol Cross-Country team member