Featured Athlete of February

Each week we here at Dai Endurance like to put our athletes in the spotlight. We love seeing their feedback on why they like working with us but also what they think they can work on and how we can help them achieve their goals. In February we had a chance to speak with Autumn a local bike polo enthusiast turned competitive road cyclist. Here’s our Q&A.

Breakaway Cycling’s Fall Team Camp

Name : Autumn Hardy

Q. What do you do in real life?

A. I am Claims Researcher and Insurance Processor for Applied Behavior Consultants’ Inc, a company that provides services to children/families/adults with Autism and other related learning disabilities.

Q. What are your weaknesses?

A. I am still learning how to “active recover”; how to not waste my energy in the first 20 minutes into an the Sac River Ride, team group rides and racing. As well as staying in the pack, I find myself at the tail end and then using all my matches/working to hard.

Q. Why are you training?

A. I am training because I don’t have a sports background. All I have ever done is ride my bike [(bike polo)polo bike, fixed gear, and now road bike] everywhere I go. It’s extremely helpful to have Dai Endurance and to be able to ask questions. I am now currently on Breakaway Women’s Racing located in Sacramento CA; this team is full of great women racers- full of experience and wisdom from their years of being in the sport; they help with tips and advice; so that you can become an safe wheel to follow, and respectable racer. I want to become the strong racer I know I have inside me, just need to train to help her come out!

Autumn at the Early Bird Criterium

Q. Do you partake in any Dai Endurance Classes/Training/Fitting?

A. Yes! I have had an Bike Fit with Julie- one of the best investments ever! I want to take more of the strength and mobility classes. I am currently doing the Wednesday Night Wahoo trainer night with Breakaway!

Q. Favorite piece of technology for training?

A. My favorite piece has got to be my Garmin, HRM, and Cadence Sensor . I like the way you can track your progress, and see the results/data and know that your improving, and what areas need a bit of work.

Q. If you could spend 10 days anywhere, where would it be?

A. The place I would like to spend 10 days is biking around Europe- Ireland and UK. The scenic bike tours and food stops along the way! Yes please!💜

Q. Do you have a pre-ride route? Food you enjoy before?

A. Pre-ride always includes coffee! As well as something light before hand (fruits, clif bars, pb&j, or breakfast burrito). I usually eat a big meal after the rides, as many calories burned or used is what I put back in my body.

Q. What is your favorite food to eat post training?

A. Coffee! Burritos(tacos, chips, salsa), Red Ramen from Ryjin Ramen House, and some type of rice dish with veggies.

Q. Do you enjoy coffee/espresso or tea? What’s your preferred brand?

A. I enjoy all of them! I am an avid coffee connoisseur- Temple and Insight coffee house are my usual wateringholes.

Q. Why do you train with Dai Endurance?

A. Because of the knowledge they have. Julie and Mike made me feel like it was okay to not know anything. Come in as a blank slate, and to work our way up. Its the time you put into training and riding that produces the result you personally have. This place is to help map out that journey and help you get there no matter how long it takes. As long as you have the drive, and the ability to learn and take constructive criticism that will only help you in the long run you will be able to achieve any goal you put your mind to.

Breakaway Women’s Cycling Team