Embracing My Strength


I don’t know about you, but for me embracing my strengths has been a battle.  I take for granted my God given talents and insanely continue to look at the things that are most difficult for me.  I have justified in my head that it is good to look at things I am not good at so I can strive to get better.  That is a tricky statement!  As an athlete, I want to continue to push myself and get stronger and faster.  I want to learn new things and continue grow and blossom into the athlete I strive to be.  The problem I am realizing is that the majority of us cannot and will not be good at everything we try to do.  Continually looking at the things I struggle with deflate me emotionally and physically.  It puts me in a state of comparing myself to the athletes that are great at the things I am not.  WHY continue to beat myself up when I could be filling myself with positive more uplifting things.  I am NOT saying I should stop trying to get stronger and faster.  I am just saying I need to look at the things that come naturally for me and build on that.

It took me a year of battling myself and convincing myself that if I trained hard enough I could be great at anything I set before me only to find myself falling short.  Again, I was feeling deflated and torn.  I don’t know what switched in my thinking but I became O.K. with the fact that I was never going to be a fast hill climber.  I became O.K with not being able to keep a hummingbird pace with my legs while trying to get up that long steep hill.  I became O.K with ME!  I finally started to believe what my coach Julie had been telling me all along.  I am strong and powerful.  I can use my strengths and set myself up for success in my races.  It’s O.K to set my cadence that works for my body, my strengths.

As I approach my 2nd year of racing, I am excited to have a renewed mind and heart.  I feel blessed to have the strengths I do and I look forward to a year of building on the foundation I was blessed with.  It will be a year of embracing all my strengths God gave me and being happy right where I am!

Thanks Coach Julie for always believing in me and encouraging me,

Trixie Bradley