Gonzalo Our Mexico City Amigo

Dr. Gonzalo Montero works and lives out of Mexico City while training thru Dai Endurance based out of Northern California. His goals like many are to reach his potential and achieve the best results he can in the endurance based sports he does. Here’s Gonzalo’s answers to some questions that we ask many of our athletes.

Q. What do you do in real life?

A. I’m Ph.D. and the President of a holding company group in Mexico City.

Q.What are your weaknesses?

A. Single tracks !!

Q. Why are you training?

A. So that I can be on the podium in the MTB marathon races I do.

Q. Do you partake in any Dai Endurance Classes/Training/Fitting?

A. No yet, I will assist to the camp, fitting and evaluations as well.

Q. Favorite piece of technology for training?

A. My Tacx Neo Smart and my power meters.

Q. If you could spend 10 days anywhere, where would it be?

A. Any of the mexican beaches.

Q. Do you have a pre-ride/run food you enjoy?

A. My protein and fruit shake before training is my favorite.

Q. What is your favorite food to eat post training?

A. My chocolate protein shake and pizza.

Q. Do you enjoy coffee/espresso or tea? What’s your preferred brand?

A. Espresso and oolong tea.

Q. Why do you train with Dai Endurance?

A. Because I like the training system and I appreciate a lot the knowledge, professionalism and kindness of Julie.