Dai Endurance Athlete of the Week is Charles de Pottere!

Dai Endurance Athlete of the Week is… Charles de Pottere!

Charles is based out of Colorado, while still be able to use Dai Endurance as his training partner. He’s looking to go after the big one.. Leadville MTB100! We will give him the tools to do great things there. Good Luck Charles! Here’s our short Q & A with him..

1. What do you do in real life?
I am a husband, father of an amazing daughter and Colorado based
Regional Sales Manager for a California Winery

2. What are your weaknesses?
It is getting started. I am a procrastinator. I am always fine once I am going
but getting going can be hard.
3. Why are you training?
I did the Leadville MTB race two years ago in just over 9.5hrs. I am looking
to come back and do it under 9 for the big belt buckle. I also, am training
because it helps me stay focused. I think I am my best self when I am
training and have a goal.

4. Do you partake in any Dai Endurance Classes/Training/Fitting?
Just the coaching program.
5. What’s your ideal sporting event to attend or compete?
Endurance MTB race
6. Do you have a pre-ride/run food you like to have?
Not Really. I mainly like having an hour or so after I eat before I work
7. What is your favorite food to eat post training?
I really enjoy a chocolate flavored recovery drink. I also love a good
fried chicken sandwich or fish tacos with a beer.
8. How do you stop yourself from eating unhealthy foods?
I don’t really know if I stop myself. I try and live with moderation. I
also over time have topped craving foods that I consider unhealthy
(candy, fast food etc.) When I do eat them I usually feel horrible
afterwards so I tend to avoid them.

10.What’s the strangest or most embarrassing crash you’ve ever
Honestly, I cannot recall. I don’t think I am embraced when I crashed.
However, in July last year I did hit the deck quite hard in Telluride and
dislocated my AC joint. Now I have a bump on my shoulder. I guess that
is strange…
11. What do you think about during long training rides/runs/workouts to
stave off the boredom?
When I am on long endurance events I feel like you go through
various phases. When the going gets hard I either try and really focus
on that I am doing what I love or try and not focus on anything at all. It
is more of a meditative state.

12.Why do you train with Dai Endurance?
The first time I met Julie two years ago at the Tahoe Trail 100. She had
coached a friend of mine, Andy, for Leadville the year before and was
racing that day. She crushed it on single speed. Fast forward to last year,
she was racing Leadville and a bunch of her trainees were too. Andy was
her support and I was supporting my brother in law. I was so impressed
with the her and her athletes’ performance that I knew that I wanted to work
with her when I was going to attempt Leadville again.