Ride Longer & Harder Without the Associated Pain & Discomfort

Bike Fitter and Co-Founder of Dai Endurance Mike Sayers recently 3D fit long time cyclist Gale De Rosa racing for JLVelo Cycling Team based out of the Bay Area. We followed up with her to gain some insight on how her experience went, here’s what she had to say.

Dai – “How did you hear about us?”

De Rosa – “My team mate Ann, uses the studio for some off the bike work, and my coach recommended Mike for his knowledge, professionalism and base of experience.”

Dai –  What kind of cycling do you like to do the most?”

Da Rosa – ” The kind where I hit the podium, JK…Road cycling, and its new companion gravel riding.”

Dai –Was this your first ever bike fitting? If not where else have you been fitted?”

De Rosa – No. Through the years, many fitters. Athleticamps – Clay Meeks, Davis Wheelworks – Joe Santos, EDH Bike Fitting – Mike Berretta. Roaring Mouse – Marissa Axell. “

Dai- “How did you enjoy your bike fitting with Dai Endurance? Are there any areas we can improve on? What part did you like the most?”

De Rosa- “I appreciate Mike’s availability. To be able to address pain/comfort issues in a timely fashion was tremendous, as we’re in the beginning of race season. I also appreciate being able to touch base in the subsequent weeks for follow up issues or questions.”

Dai- “What if any, issues did you come in to address? Did these issues get resolved?

De Rosa- “I have 2 new bikes, for different uses, and therefore different fit needs, and I was having difficulty transferring my fit from my old training bike to the new bike geometry. I also have some physical limitations as an older athlete, with a lower back fusion, and a scoliosis/torsion twist, which results in significant pain and fatigue on longer rides. I’m a cat 2 racer and am trying to stay competitive against my peer group. Seeing Mike has given me reason to believe I can increase my fitness, and possibly my competitiveness, by being able to ride longer and harder without the associated pain and discomfort.”


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