Bike Fitting Follow Up with Chris DeMattei

Bike Fit Follow Up with Chris DeMattei


Recently we had the pleasure of having Chris DeMattei

in our studio to get his fit feeling right for his 2019 racing season. Chris is a local to NorCal racing the master’s category in the NCNCA as well as cyclocross and

many organized Grand Fondos. We caught up with his after his fitting to see

how things went here’s what he had to say. We’re curious how you heard

of us? I knew of Dai Endurance as a coaching and training facility but

learned that you do bike fits through Between 2 Wheels pod cast. Was this

your first ever bike fitting? No this was my third bike fitting ever. I was

looking for someone that was going to use the latest technology along with

experience. Someone that was going give focused attention to my fit in a

what that would help me make improvement.

Mike used video to confirm the fit but spent most of his time measuring and adjusting based on actual measurements. How did you enjoy your bike fitting with Mike Sayers? I was fit by Michael Sayers and he did a good job.

Taught me a few things about

saddles and their design. He also taught me so

me benefits of engaging the

glutes vs just the quads. The newer position is allowing me to create power

from the glutes or quads, depending on which muscle group is more

fatigued.What if any, issues did you come in to address?

Did these issues get resolved?

Saddle comfort. As it turned out, my saddle was too far

forward and too high. Plus I was sitting too far forward on the saddle.

Michael showed me the benefits of sitting more toward the back and why.