Auburn Trail Running Tribe

Auburn Trail Running Tribe
Where: Soccer Fields at Railhead park off of Pacific
When: 3:30-4:30pm, Wednesday, Sept 28
What: First workout will set the foundational for the rest of the sessions.
Please let me know you are attending

Workout #1

First workout will set the foundational for the rest of the sessions – chalk talk to cover

  • Running Posture
    • Pillar – foundation of kinetic linking – coordination and stability between hips, trunk and scapula
      • Lacking pillar strength = inefficient movement; energy leaks; compensations that potentially contribute to injuries
  • Neutral spine
    • Explanation
    • Understanding how relates to running
    • Examples of a dynamic core exercise – that engage and challenge – mobility, stability, coordination, balance and fire neural system
    • Train it, become aware, make it reflexive.
  • Movement Prep – dynamic multi-joint, multi-plane exercises to warm-up, elongate stimulate muscles  = more quality actual running time.
    • Mini- bands – glute activation
  •  Importance of single leg Stability – precursor to future session plyometrics which improve muscle elasticity – muscles ability to store and effectively and powerfully release energy
    • Key training element for endurance athletes
    • Single leg stability squats- basis for solid hip, knee, toe alignment, biomechanics
    • Set and drop – double and single legs
  • Overview of push vs pull run technique; glute vs hip flexors, and drills, as well as
    • Posture – Stand tall, neutral spine, hips flex and extend
    • Arm drive
    • Breathing
    • Wall drills – for technique and specific strength
  •  Workout
    • Enough talking, lets go running. Run on the canal  focusing on posture, breathing and efficient technique ( make the absolute technique terms – relative to you and your individual biomechanics)
    • Every three minute perform a 10-15 sec pick-up
    • Feel fluidity, rhythm and smoothness vs dissecting elements of technique. 

Please feel free to share the outlines of our workouts with others who might be interested in joining us.
For those of you who have not visited, please fill out the client questionnaire. And please print the waiver/release, located on the website, and bring to the first workout. Both documents available on the contact us page. Fyi there are two waivers – please complete general vs cycling specific.

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