Month: March 2017

  2017-03-27 |   Category : Athlete Blog

Many athletes I know need to be told to take an off season, do some different things, not feel the need to ‘train’ every day, and let the body and mind get fresh and excited for the next season. Not me, and definitely not this year – I was more than ready for winter. I …

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  2017-03-14 |   Category : Athlete Blog

Yes indeed 42.5 km! I am only going to tell you part of the long story which is not particularly interesting but worth telling. I will omit the question of logistics for 8,000 Skiers and the controlled chaos that the Swiss have mastered, getting everyone to the race, through the race, and home on time. …

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  2017-03-01 |   Category : Athlete Blog

From Dai! athlete Trixie Bradley: I participated in the Chico Stage Race for the first time this year. I was very excited and looking forward to this race for months. It wasn’t until I was on my way to Chico that the nerves started to set in. On my way, my coach, Julie Young texted. …

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