How to balance a full plate: Training for Leadville

Transitioning from road biking to mountain biking ignited a new passion in my life. Of course my wife, Meghan, and son, Walker, are my biggest passion and first priority. But we all need our personal outlets, and I’ve always needed to push myself in some fun, outdoor adventure. I’m 45, challenges are different now. Working for a startup consumed lots of hours, and being a good husband and father happily requires time and effort. Where would I fit in the time to mountain bike, let alone train for Leadville? 

I asked around, and Julie Young’s name came up repeatedly. I had discussed it with Meghan, who agreed to think about it. With a birthday around the corner, she surprised me with a Julie Young coaching package. We figured this would be the smartest, most efficient way to train for a race like Leadville. And we were right. Julie set up a training plan that balanced family and work, and she modified and supported me through the inevitable life happenings that would come up. Frequently. Like Meghan having her own work commitments and active schedule and family vacation. It was no easy feat, but I succeeded because Julie coached me through those time commitments and gave me the tools and support of a solid training program.

I did my first mountain bike race at Northstar, 60 miles and a qualifier for Leadville. I got in. There was a month between Northstar and Leadville, and Meghan had to go to LA for a week of meetings. Julie worked with me through that narrow window. I arrived at Leadville hoping to finish under 12 hours. I earned my belt buckle with a time of 10:44. I was ecstatic, Meghan and Walker were proud. We did it, and we still had family vacations, family dinners, and, of course, work. Thanks to Julie Young’s coaching. A huge thank you for helping me achieve a bucket-list goal without compromising family and work.

P.S. See you again next year Leadville! (Under 9 belt buckle)