Month: October 2016

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Does off-season mean we hibernate and curl up in a comatose state on the couch with a bag of chips? Maybe not.Off-season provides an invaluable opportunity to give yourself a mental and physical hall pass from single sport focus structure. It is the time to step back and enjoy the opportunity of mental and physical variety. …

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Transitioning from road biking to mountain biking ignited a new passion in my life. Of course my wife, Meghan, and son, Walker, are my biggest passion and first priority. But we all need our personal outlets, and I’ve always needed to push myself in some fun, outdoor adventure. I’m 45, challenges are different now. Working …

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  2016-10-16 |   Category : Uncategorized

“You got this!”  Three words – three words that offered unexpected strength and encouragement throughout the course of a nearly 9-hour day spent in the saddle.  Three words exchanged in a casual text conversation the night before my race with my coach, Julie.  These words got me up endless ascents, and they rang in my …

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