Month: July 2014

  2014-07-30 |   Category : Athlete's Blog

We at o2fitness Coaching and Training and Silver Sage Sports and Fitness Lab are proud to sponsor Ride2Recovery and Project Hero.  Below is a brief overview of these life-saving programs, followed by a testimonial from, Wes Washoe, one of our sponsored Ride2Recovery athletes. Ride2Recovery’s mission is to improve the health and wellness of injured veterans by …

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  2014-07-29 |   Category : Athlete's Blog

Brad Rassler’s quest continues So this guy limps into Vermont… I traveled to the East in May with high hopes of using the Green Mountains as my aerobic proving grounds, but developed a case of Achilles tendonitis that has hamstrung my midlife comeback story. It’s nobody’s fault but mine. Rather than adhering to Julie’s running …

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  2014-07-16 |   Category : Fit to Be Tried- Julie's Blog

WARNING: This post contains cathartic commentary As I am watching the Tour de France with crashes knocking out favorites, it reminds me that sport provides a micro-cosm of life, magnifying the ups and downs. And I am reminded that it is how we deal with adversity’s depth of depression and disappointment that reveals the character …

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