Month: February 2014

  2014-02-28 |   Category : Athlete's Blog

  If you’re on this page, maybe you’ve come with your knives sharpened for a heaping helping of schadenfreude – but for those who might have just wandered into this shinola show, here’s the basic conceit of this series of posts: I’m out of shape. If my family medical history were a book, it would be …

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  2014-02-18 |   Category : Athlete's Blog

By Lucie Oren, Team Roseville Cyclery rider  When I began working with Julie as she coached our team with pre-season plans I thought, “Ok Lucie, you have to face the dreaded core work!”   What I have found are a few pleasant surprises.  The workouts are fun.  They are easy with the help of very informative …

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  2014-02-17 |   Category : Athlete's Blog

Below starts a regular blog post by Brad Rassler…o2fitness trainee, embarking on an athletic rebirth – Carpe Diem Brad! After 30 years, it finally happened: I was on the verge of going to seed. Bereft of a desire to exercise, but happily pinioned to a demanding graduate school program and a new writing career, I …

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