Month: January 2013

  2013-01-17 |   Category : Clinics

Day/Time Activity Friday   6pm Arrive – Welcome and Training Camp Kick-off Chalk Talk Saturday   7:30-8:30 Warm-up -movement preparation and trunk stability – activation of glutes and the trunk, the center of the body’s kinetic chain – take this awareness to the trails 9:30-12:00 Classic ski – set the XC forward body position and …

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  2013-01-16 |   Category : Fit to Be Tried- Julie's Blog

This week, Dr. Pasternak and I had the opportunity to ParvoMed Vo2 and lactate threshold test two world-class paddlers, Jay Wild and Mike Gabor. The rhythmic paddling motion transformed the lab in to a tropical paradise – well maybe not. But it was thrilling to watch these guys’ power in action.  Jay is a multi-talented …

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  2013-01-11 |   Category : Fit to Be Tried- Julie's Blog

Wow its January and time to start foundation phase training for Ironman Tahoe 2013. I look forward to training with and supporting a crop of new clients prepping for this inaugural Ironman – all with their own individual Ironman goals. What an opportunity in our Sierra backyard. Speaking recently with one of my Ironman clients, …

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