Month: December 2012

  2012-12-28 |   Category : Fit to Be Tried- Julie's Blog

Mission accomplished for the Rio Strada team, foundation phase training, which wraps the end of December. We had our final group structured workout for this phase last Thursday night, capitalizing on a starry-filled night to take training to the streets. The workout started with a warm-up spin to the Folsom dam road, which was the …

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  2012-12-27 |   Category : Fit to Be Tried- Julie's Blog

 Last weekend, I completed the final class of a six month course, Advanced Functional Biomechanics of the Lower Quarter Principles of Evaluation and Treatment. (That’s a mouthful.) In the following two part post, I will share highlights from the final class, which focused on strategies to develop an individualized, effective functional movement strength program. This …

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  2012-12-26 |   Category : Clinics

Rio Strada Team Training Plan Details Complete 10-week comprehensive daily training program coupled with weekly group training Starts January 7-March 17 One weekly coached team workout and a bonus, optional team endurance ride (Thursdays 5:30-7pm/Sundays 9am) $275 program fee by January 1  -increases to $315 after January 1 Preparation Phase continues to build on Foundation …

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  2012-12-04 |   Category : Partners

Nature’s Bakery is an all-natural snack foods company that supports health conscious living and active lifestyles. At  “The Bakery”, we believe in keeping things simple, like our ingredients, and seeking balance in life by embracing nature, activity, nutrition and community. Our all natural fig bars are a delicious portable snacks that are great for kid’s lunches, …

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  2012-12-02 |   Category : Video