Month: October 2012

  2012-10-26 |   Category : Fit to Be Tried- Julie's Blog

  Below is an article that Dr. Andy Pasternak and I wrote for the Reno Gazette Journal. Martha Bellisle wrote a personal sidebar of her Vo2max testing experience. Physiological testing provides the tools to maximize your training time investment. Often, we find that it’s the person relatively new to exercise who benefits the most from testing. …

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  2012-10-01 |   Category : Athlete's Blog

Recently I had to make a personal decision, and honestly it was very tough. For years I’ve contemplated the hobby I love (cycling) vs. furthering my education in gaining my MBA. Finally, after much personal deliberation, I have chosen the MBA. That being said, however, I still hold the last four (4) years with Julie …

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